Possible Plexiglas

Nixie Stack’s Docs Possible Plexiglas

I talked to one of the big shots at the Tulare glass Co. Inc. About getting a 5×5 piece of plexi for my Rube Goldberg machine in Dr. O’s Engineering 110 class. He loved my ideas for that project and was interested in our Nixie Stacks idea after I mentioned it as well to him. He then cut me a deal on my 5 inch by 5 inch by 1/4 inch thick sheet ($5 down from an initial $10). With that said he would be willing to do a little more business later and would even let thinner sheets go for cheaper (1/8th inch thick are fairly small and easy for him to let go of for cheaper debatable prices.) So he might be a good source later. Tulare glass Co. Inc. 456 North “K” Street Tulare CA (559) 688-5549